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Drew concept art for what a Teen and Young Adult Louise Belcher would look like.


Lil bear doesnt know how to read. 
but he’ll give all the letters he gets to Bunny so she can read them to him! 
You should send lil bear mail so Bunny can read them. 

Queen 8itches

Turned out more Mindfang than Vriska but yknow. Ilikeet.

Art commissions are open.

Wip of a fancy!vriska piece.

Art commissions are open! Send up an ask if you’re interested.


If my first monomi magical girl ever because evil or had a twin.

Designed monomi/usami today. Monobear will be ouji themed, probably.

Please ask before using any designs, thank you.

More sketches of Gilren!
To the left is a sketch of what she would wear if she were actively doing things thought the course of the day. Things like hunting, scouting, pest control, etc etc. fabrics are light and soft and allow for frantic movement with some stretch.

To the right is a drawing of her long sword and her dagger type. She has 1 long dagger measuring a foot and a half in length and three or four smaller daggers that are about 10 in each. The grip is cylindrical and the top is flat so as to allow for the pressure of her palm to be placed on it to drive the weapon draper into the target. Similar to a stake in functionality. Her sword is engraved in vines and was a gift from lord Elrond to her father to give to her when she became of age.

Anonymous said:
❝ that lady gildren drawing looks really beautiful! ❞

Thank you!! There more of her to come for sure

Lady Gilren

Yay Tolkien! Got inspired while rewatching The Hobbit. She may have either an auburn brownish or blueish black hair color.

Bunny!Stuck: Roxy Lalonde

Just because.

Please ask permission before using design ~